3 Top Styles Your Store Needs to Order for a Successful Tshirt Sale

3 Top Styles Your Store Needs to Order for a Successful Tshirt Sale

T-shirts are powerful marketing tools. They feature your logo or message directly, and they show the wearer’s confidence in your brand. It is almost a nonverbal form of word-of-mouth advertising.

A Tshirt sale is a great way to harness this marketing power. But where do you start in organizing one?

Before you go too far down the rabbit hole with marketing strategies and rollout plans, let’s start with the basics. For a successful Tshirt sale, you need the t-shirts!

The world of custom t-shirts can be an overwhelming one. There are many styles and materials to choose from. That is why we have created this guide to the top styles that are must-orders for your sale.

Keep reading to find out just the right t-shirts you can use to spread your message to the world.

Top 3 Shirt Styles to Include in Any Tshirt Sale

You can organize t-shirt styles and designs in many ways, and we have not limited yourself to just one. This list is not merely organized by color, cut, or material. Instead, we wanted to take a broader view to give you a sense of the way to think about t-shirts when using them to market.

Check out the most effective t-shirts for marketing your brand below.

1. Screen Printed

There is an elegance to screen printing that just cannot be beaten. A screen printed shirt points to a couple of things.

First, it shows that the shirt has been handcrafted, and that goes a long way toward communicating the personal touch you want with your customers. Also, screen printing is a form of art. It gives an elevated look to a t-shirt that could otherwise just have an ugly sticker that looks like a wearable business card.

Order screen printed Tshirts to show your customers you care about quality.

2. Long Sleeves

The long-sleeve t-shirts do not get enough love, in our books. Every company, family reunion, and child’s lemonade stand seems to have its own branded t-shirt. But few of them utilize the distinct look and comfort of a long sleeved shirt.

No less a fashion authority than Esquire recently published a piece in praise of the long-sleeve tee.

Order long sleeved t-shirts for your Tshirt sale when you want to stand out from your competitors.

3. Clever Messaging

Here is where the messaging gets explicit. We do not mean you should design t-shirts with boundary-pushing language or images, although some companies use profanity to great effect. We will leave that choice up to you.

What we mean by “clever messaging” is pithy, authentic communication from you to your future customer, via the chest or back of whoever is wearing your shirt. A little text goes a long way on a t-shirt, so get to the point with your message for this tactic to be most effective.

Success Is in the Shirt

We hope this roundup of t-shirt printing techniques and styles sparks ideas for your Tshirt sale. A great shirt can become iconic, and it can propel your brand to the next level.

For even more great ideas and greater shirts, check out our t-shirt store.

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