4 Trendy Website Design Ideas for 2020

4 Trendy Website Design Ideas for 2020

Your website says a lot about your business that's a fact. This means that you must make it as aesthetically pleasing as possible so that when you get a visitor they will be blown away by what you have to offer.

The problem is that good website design is often easier to envision and think about than to actually get done. If you want your website to keep attracting visitors you have to ensure that it looks trendy while staying true to your brand.

Here is a look at some trendy website design ideas to make your website stand out.

1. DeClutter 

If your website is too crowded you need to focus on white space. White space will make your design seem a little roomier and this is more pleasing to the eye. It also makes your website look more professional.

Focus on the space you create in between lines of text and around any pictures that you put on your website. This will make your design look cleaner.

2. Motion and Interactivity

It's no secret that video is taking over but more and more there is a trend towards video or some kind of motion in the header section of a website.

Its ability to grab the attention of potential visitors and get your message across quickly is one of the reasons why you should consider this trend for your website,

3. Well Tailored Illustrations

Illustrations are a great way to make your website stand out. You can use it to create your brand identity.

Stick with the same style of illustrations throughout whether they be stationary or moving. This will help to define your style and make your brand instantly recognizable.

 4. Website Design Ideas for Forms

Using forms on your website is a great idea, you can collect vital information this way. The trend however as been always for the forms to be on the smaller side. 

This can make them less inviting to fill out and also more tedious to complete. The newest trend has been to make these forms expandable or just create them as a full screen from the very beginning. 

The trend seems to be heating up and this usually means that people are seeing more sign-ups from using this approach. Anything that you can do to make the user experience more comfortable is a plus for you since it usually means more customers and revenue for your business.

Take Your Website to the Next Level

Now that you have some great website design ideas you can make your website captivating for your audience. Having a great web design will reduce the bounce rate with signals to Google and other search engines that you have valuable information.

This will help to get you higher rankings. Great website design also makes your company look more professional and this will make people more inclined to do business with you.

If you would like more information about how to go about designing a beautiful website then please contact us.


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