How Different Branded Apparel Can Help You Build a Premium Brand

How Different Branded Apparel Can Help You Build a Premium Brand

Everyone likes clothes, there's no doubt about that. Fashion brands produce between 100 to 150 billion clothing items every year, and people are more than willing to sport the latest style.

But there's one thing that people love more than clothes—free clothes. And many businesses take advantage of this by handing out branded apparel.

As a business owner, there are benefits to creating branded merchandise. Your consumers will better remember your company and identify your branding. These days, there are so many clothing items that you can make—from a branded t-shirt all the way to a hat—and it's a good idea to use all these items.

Here's how branded business merchandise can elevate your brand.

Improve Relationship Building

High-quality promotional products can improve your relationship with your customers and your employees. Your audience will look at your merchandise and think of your business when they need your skills and services. But this piece of advice goes deeper. Always deliver high-quality items; for example, your custom hoodies should keep your wearers warm and last all winter. Make your merchandise with one-of-a-kind designs, not just your business logo.

Heightened Brand Awareness

Branded apparel is a great way to enhance your brand awareness. When users wear your branded hoodies or sunglasses, it's essentially free advertising. These items are also functional; everyone can use clothing and accessories, and your audience will be happy to accept these items for free. This is why 85% of consumers retain the promotional products they receive. And if your items are made well, they will last a long time.

Makes You More Competitive

Branded apparel is a great way to differentiate yourself from competitors. Others will see your audience wearing your brand—and if the design is compelling enough, they will look up your brand. The best part? All this applies to all types of apparel—t-shirts, hats, jackets, socks, and more. For best results, collaborate with your design team on the best way to accentuate your branding.


Are you debating between traditional advertising and branded apparel in your marketing strategy? If cost is a big factor, you'll want to choose branded apparel. Designing and printing your own merchandise is more affordable than you think.

Plus, you'll get your money's worth when you brand apparel. Most marketing and advertising methods have a short lifespan. As long as your audience keeps sporting your merch, your business will continue reaping the benefits.

Perfect for Giveaways

Do you want to host a giveaway but aren't sure what to include as a prize? Use branded apparel! As stated previously, everyone loves receiving functional clothing and accessories for free. If the merch looks unique, is high-quality, and is designed well, your audience will appreciate the freebies even more. 

Where to Get Branded Apparel

Now that you know how branded apparel can elevate your brand, where can you find these items? Trusting the perfect company to produce high-quality branded merch is key here. We're a screen printing business based in the Charleston area, and we work with local businesses. Shop our collection today!

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