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Why Custom Shirts Should be a Part of Your Marketing Strategy

You want to harness the power of promotional products for your brand. 

You know that custom shirts are a popular promo item, but you'd like to learn more about what makes them so successful.

But, are they really an essential part of your marketing strategy? Absolutely. 

Read on to learn more about why. From helping you to slash your advertising budget to making sure people know your logo when they see it, you'll be amazed by what custom printed t-shirts can accomplish.

1. They're Cost-Effective

We know that you're always looking for ways to get more bang for your marketing buck. 

However, even running an ad on a local television station can cost you anywhere from $200 to $1500. And while search engine marketing is certainly essential? 

It can be tough to reach a broader audience when you're using targeted keywords. 

Promotional t-shirts don't just help to keep your brand's name in the minds of your customers after they've finished shopping or doing other business with your company. 

Whenever your customers wear one of the custom shirts out, they're effectively offering free advertising for your company. Every person they pass by on the street that day will see your company's name and logo. 

Now that's what we call a smart investment. 

2. They Increase Brand Recognition

Maybe you want to have logo t-shirts created for the members of your team to wear to a conference or a trade show. 

Perhaps you're heading out on a company bar crawl, hosting an event in your community, or just want your team to give uniform dressing a shot. In addition to increasing your brand recognition in person? 

They also help to create uniformity in photos you upload to social media. 

You can create a variety of shirts to celebrate upcoming sales, specific events, giveaways, new product launches, or even just shirts in your company colors. 

Any way you wear them? 

They'll help more people recognize your branding, logo, and even your signature font when they see it anywhere -- on and off the Internet. 

3. They Make Awesome Promotional Items

Want to ensure that everyone comes to visit your table at a corporate event? 

Looking for ways to reward your customers for their business? 

Need promotional items to give away to your followers on social media in a contest? 

Custom logo shirts make the perfect gift. Plus, they're much more out-of-the-box than more traditional promotional items. You want to be certain you can show clients that you do things differently than your competition.

Ready to Make Custom Shirts a Part of Your Branding Strategy?

We hope that this post has helped you to better understand just a few of the many reasons why custom shirts should take center stage in your marketing strategy. 

Not only are they cost-effective, but they're also a great way to increase your brand recognition. They also can be worn to create a sense of camaraderie among team members. Plus, they make great gifts!

Ready to place your order for promotional t-shirts? Contact us today. 

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