Graphic Design Trends for Custom T-Shirts

Graphic Design Trends for Custom T-Shirts

Research suggests that, on average, consumers hang onto promotional t-shirts for 14 months. That gives you a little over a year to be bold and make an impression. 

Are you familiar with the graphic design trends that will ensure the world views your unique brand in the best light?

At Palmetto Blended, we're hip to the latest in graphic and logo design. Our in-house design team will ensure that every garment we produce is competitive in the Charleston area.

We've created this design guide to help kickstart your inspiration and design t-shirts, hoodies, and other garments that will attract eyeballs and boost your brand value. Read on to learn what's hip in the world of screen-printed design. 

Let Text Do the Talking

If you have a message, be bold and put it in writing! One of the most popular t-shirt design trends in 2023 is text-based design. While it may seem simple, a designer can help ensure you use the right font, kerning, and print locations to convey your brand's message loud and clear. 

At Palmetto Blended, we have expertise in both design and garment customization. That means we're always up to date on the latest trending fonts. We'll turn your message into something bold, eye-catching, and good for business. 

Throw It Back to Another Era

This may seem counterintuitive, but looking to the past is the best way to catch attention with your business design in 2023. Vintage and retro-inspired designs have never been hotter. It takes a professional to design a logo that borrows from the past without making garments look dated—luckily, vintage design projects are some of our favorites!

The key to a retro-inspired shirt that looks like it's from this century is font, color, and print technique. We'll guide you toward the color schemes that evoke a bygone era without flinging your brand back to the past. 

Color Is King

2023 is the year of the rainbow. Bright, colorful design is eye-catching and creates good vibes, no matter who's wearing it!

There are plenty of ways to add a touch of colorful whimsy to your graphic design. Consider bold rainbow colors, pastels, muted jewel tones, or even a spectrum of diluted neutrals. Whatever you choose, your designer at Palmetto Blended will ensure it's an attention-grabbing brand choice that evokes good vibes and happy feelings. 

A Taste of the Great Outdoors

Some of the coolest contemporary t-shirt designs take their inspiration from the natural world. We're seeing botanicals everywhere! We can design a shirt that incorporates stunning, subtle natural forms, evokes the tropics, or inspires a sense of wanderlust. 

The key to nature-inspired designs is texture and imagery. We'll create a shirt that inspires onlookers to lean in closer.

Graphic Design Trends from Palmetto Blended

The benefits of good design can't be understated. When your shirt or other garment incorporates the latest graphic design trends, you'll be creating a positive impression of your brand or business. When you work with designers from Palmetto Blended, we'll help you create a unique, trendy marketing tool that will ensure you stay competitive in the Charleston market. 

Every incredible shirt begins with a design consultation. Request a quote today to get the process started. We can't wait to work with you to design the trendy t-shirt that sets your brand apart. 

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