Trendiest Promotional Products for July 2024

Trendiest Promotional Products for July 2024

As the summer heat peaks and the excitement of July celebrations unfolds, it’s the perfect time to spotlight the trendiest promotional products for 2024. At Palmetto Blended, we’re dedicated to helping you make a splash with custom apparel and promotional items that are sure to impress. Whether you’re planning a corporate event, family reunion, or just looking to spice up your marketing efforts, we’ve got you covered!

Custom Dry Fit (UPF) T-Shirts

Why They're Hot: Nothing says Summer like a moisture wicking t-shirt to keep you cool. UPF protection also blocks the sun rays -- perfect for BBQs, celebrations, company picnics, and family gatherings. Get Yours Now: Shop Custom T-Shirts

Eco-Friendly Tote Bags

Why They're Hot: Eco-conscious consumers are all the rage, and our eco-friendly tote bags are a fantastic way to promote your brand while being kind to the environment. Made from sustainable materials, these bags are perfect for groceries, beach trips, and daily errands. Get Yours Now: Explore Tote Bags

Insulated Water Bottles

Why They're Hot: Stay hydrated in style with our trendy insulated water bottles. They keep drinks cold for hours, making them perfect for summer activities like hiking, beach outings, and sporting events. Customize with your logo for a lasting impression. Get Yours Now: Browse Water Bottles

Custom Beach Towels

Why They're Hot: Summer means beach time! Our custom beach towels are a hit for company giveaways and promotional events. These towels are not only functional but also offer a large surface area for your brand’s logo, making them highly visible. Get Yours Now: Check Out Beach Towels

Stylish Baseball Caps

Why They're Hot: Caps are a timeless accessory. Customize them with your logo to give your brand maximum visibility during outdoor events. Perfect for sports teams, company outings, and casual wear. Get Yours Now: Order Baseball Caps

Branded Sunglasses

Why They're Hot: Protect your eyes and look cool doing it with branded sunglasses. They’re a perfect summer giveaway item that everyone will love. Stylish and practical, these sunglasses will keep your brand in the spotlight. Get Yours Now: See Sunglasses Collection

BBQ Sets

Why They're Hot: July is prime BBQ season. Our branded BBQ sets make fantastic corporate gifts and promotional items for summer parties. Complete with all the essentials, these sets ensure your brand is associated with good times and great food. Get Yours Now: Discover BBQ Sets

Custom Can Coolers

Why They're Hot: Keep your drinks cold and your brand front and center with our custom can coolers. Ideal for parties, picnics, and outdoor events, these coolers are a fun and practical way to promote your business. Get Yours Now: Find Can Coolers

Portable Speakers

Why They're Hot: Summer gatherings are better with music. Our portable speakers offer great sound quality and are perfect for promoting your brand. Compact and powerful, these speakers are a hit at any event. Get Yours Now: View Portable Speakers

Festival Survival Kits

Why They're Hot: Packed with essentials like hand sanitizer, sunscreen, and band-aids, our festival survival kits are a thoughtful and practical promotional item. Perfect for music festivals, outdoor events, and travel. Get Yours Now: Shop Survival Kits

Ready to Make a Splash This July?

Don’t miss out on these trendy promotional products! Visit Palmetto Blended and Palmetto Blended Promos to explore our full range of customizable items. Make this July unforgettable with custom promotional products from Palmetto Blended. Celebrate in style, promote your brand, and enjoy the summer vibes!

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