An Introduction to Creating Eye-Catching Custom Hoodies

An Introduction to Creating Eye-Catching Custom Hoodies

How many pieces of clothing do you think the average consumer owns? According to recent survey data, most of us have around 103 items hanging in our closets. 

If you're thinking about handing out custom hoodies featuring your brand's logo, how will you ensure that your recipients will reach for them when it's time to get dressed in the morning?

At Palmetto Blended, we know what differentiates mediocre hoodie designs from higher-quality, appealing promotional products. We've created this guide to help you design and order hoodies that people will want to wear. Our tips will put your brand's logo front and center, attracting the attention your business or organization deserves.

Read on to learn the secrets behind designing the best branded hoodies.

Professional Design Matters

At Palmetto Blended, we offer custom art and illustration services. This is a great way to make sure your unique hoodie doesn't look like anyone else's. We can work with your existing logo or branding story to create print-friendly graphics that attract attention. 

Anyone can design a logo, but professionals recognize what colors and designs look great on screen-printed garments. We can create graphics that always come out bright and clear, so they'll pop on any color hoodie. We'll advise you on which print locations show off your logo so that all eyes will be on your brand.

Consider Hoodie Material

The best-looking graphics in the world are only as desirable as the hoodie they're printed on. People love hoodies because they're cozy, unisex, and versatile, with soft lining and practical pockets. Choose a comfortable garment made from high-quality materials like cotton.

Furthermore, people are more likely to reach for a hoodie if they recognize the brand. Look for sweatshirts from apparel companies with a good reputation. This can increase the perceived quality of your product, making them instantly more appealing to consumers. 

People will naturally associate the quality of your giveaway apparel with the quality of your brand. Choose hoodies that reflect your business or organization.

Keep It Simple

It can be tempting to go for an over-the-top hoodie design. In reality, people love hoodies because they're casual and easy to wear. The more bells and whistles, the less likely someone is to reach for your garment.

To keep things simple and classy, you might consider an embroidered logo. Embroidery is a subtle, attractive way to increase your hoodies' perceived value. It has a polished look that won't clutter up your design, letting your logo shine. 

Eye-Catching Custom Hoodies From Palmetto Blended

Once you get your hands on your new favorite hoodie, you never want to let it go. You have the power to ensure your logo becomes an inseparable part of someone's favorite item of clothing. Consider our tips when you're ready to design custom hoodies, and your brand won't get shoved in the back of someone's closet. 

The best custom promotional products come from Palmetto Blended. We'll help you design the softest, most eye-catching products to represent your brand. Request a quote and invest in custom hoodies people are actually excited to wear.

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