5 Promotional Products South Carolinians Will Love

5 Promotional Products South Carolinians Will Love

5 Promotional Products South Carolinians Will Love

Your audience is ready for something new. It's time to get creative with the promotional items you give away to spread brand awareness and create interest in your business—unless you don't mind your freebies ending up in the trash. 

What's free to others isn't free for your company to give away! Even personalized logo t-shirts aren't worth your promotional budget dollars if no one wants a free shirt that's cheap and isn't stylish enough to wear.

How can business owners choose promotional products that people will use and enjoy? Try these five product ideas to give south Carolina customers something they love.

1. Custom Masks

Wearing a mask is part of everyday life (for now). While they are necessary, they've also become a fashion statement!

Fortunately for promotional items, a branded mask is at eye level! It's hard to miss your brand when someone walks by wearing a mask with your company's logo on it. 

Everyone needs clean masks. Helping them with a new reusable mask for their rotating collection provides a service to customers. It also gives you a "literal" walking billboard! When choosing your mask, make sure the design is eye-catching and fits your brand. 

2. Personalized Puzzles

People are spending more time at home than ever before. Puzzles have seen a resurgence in popularity as a fun at-home activity that helps families take a break from electronic devices. 

A custom puzzle gives your customers something to do to pass the time while putting your business. Add your logo and a relevant image to make your puzzle stand out from others on the shelf. 

3. Embroidered Hats

Work-at-home hair doesn't have to ruin anyone's virtual video meeting. Create brand awareness and look great while on a video conference call when you wear a custom embroidered hat. 

When clients see your stylish hat, they might want one, too! Sending promotional hats to clients and friends means your brand could show up on virtual meetings throughout South Carolina. It's an excellent way to take advantage of free virtual advertising.

4. Quality T-Shirts

Your audience is tired of cheap one-size-fits-all t-shirts. Help your clients improve their wardrobe with quality t-shirt materials and customization. Soft, well-made t-shirts stick around while typical "freebie" shirts end up in the clothing giveaway pile. 

T-shirts are an excellent way to showcase your brand's personality. Create a design that sums up who you are and what you do while incorporating your logo to promote your brand. 

5. Thermos Mugs

A coffee cup is nice. A branded thermos coffee mug is better! Customers who receive or purchase these mugs from you will carry their hot beverage with them throughout the day. 

Your business brand enjoys another type of traveling billboard with this promotional item in the hands of your friends and clients.

Boost the Effectiveness Of Your Promotional Products

Audiences understand the perceived value of promotional products. Don't risk customers tossing your products aside, along with their potential business! 

Palmetto Blended can help your promotional items stand out from the rest. Contact us to start your order!

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