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    News — screen printing

    Charleston Screen Printing

    Charleston Screen Printing

    Charleston Screen Printing and Creative Services

    Screen printing is top of the trends in today’s industry. It is one of the most used methods for printing. We are a well-renowned name in screen printing services. We provide high-quality printing with best in class creative designs. We are here to fulfill all type of your printing requirements. Our design team has best of the designers available in Charleston to properly understand your design needs and convert it to the design printed.

    Our designers are the most creative minds while designing the printing patches. And we are excelling to provide you high-quality designs and printing services. We provide custom design printing too as per your needs. This means if you already have your own design or company’s logo or company’s name patch, we shall print it too as per your requirements. There is no project too large or small!

    What is so special about Charleston screen printing?

    We have promised ourselves to provide with the best in class screen printing and creative design services to the society. Screen printing in Charleston has very tough competition but after all the constraints, we try to give you the best in class. Our products are high in quality and genuine in the price range.

    We provide affordable services in Charleston area. We prepare ourselves to make our customers satisfying, we ourselves not only say this rather our customer base provide us such testimonials. There is an old saying that “Satisfied customer is the returning customer”. We work on this tagline and want our new customers to be the returning ones.

    What products can be screen printed?

    Charleston screen printing prints a large variety of products. Basically, anything that has a flat service in which the inks can bind to, can be used for screen printing. Despite that most think screen printing is only limited to printing custom t-shirts, the same techniques can be used to print on basic t-shirts, long-sleeve t-shirts, tank tops, hoodies, jackets, sweatshirts, athletic pants, sports jerseys, aprons, clothes, baby clothes, hats, tote bags, lunch bags, backpacks, mouse pads, vinyl binders, flags, signs, banners, posters, etc.

    You can select any type of product and any design from our templates or you can provide us your custom design. Our best in the class designing team is promising enough to fulfill all your designing and printing requirements.

    No project is too large or small. Buy in bulk for even better saving!

    Yes, there is good news for the vendors of t-shirts and others products those who want to custom design their product and sell in the market. We have the facility to serve bulk orders and we provide best deals too for bulk ordering. You can ask for minimum order quantity at lowest rates and compare our prices in the market. You will always get best quality products, on-time delivery and at very nominal prices.

    At the last, we can say that you will always be happy with our services and we will always be glad to serve you. We want you to be our long time, returning customer. We promise to provide you best quality products.


    Custom T-Shirts: Charleston SC

    Custom T-Shirts: Charleston SC

    Top Provider of Custom T-Shirts: Charleston SC

    Whether you are a business looking to create your own printed custom t-shirts or just a designer who wants to sell your art in the form of apparel, we can help you.

    When it comes to screen printing of custom printing of the t-shirts, we are the best providers of the custom t-shirt printing in Charleston SC. We provide custom printing t-shirts not only to our customers rather we deal in bulk orders of b2b vendors too. B2b vendors have bulk requirements and we need to fulfill those bulk requirements with the best quality at nominal rates.

    In custom t-shirt printing, you can print your t-shirts with the design you like the most. This design can be anything like any quote of your choice, any of your favorite cartoon or superhero, anything random which you have in your mind, you can ask for get them printed on your t-shirts. You can print your custom designs on any color of t-shirt and we can provide you colorful printing with different multi-colors as per the requirements.

    Shipping to anywhere

    We provide shipping facility to anywhere. You have to bear the shipping cost of the parcel shipment but we provide facility to ship consignment to anywhere as per your requirements. We are the top suppliers and shippers of the custom design t-shirts. We have a large customer base of satisfied customers. These satisfied customers are not only returning once rather they refer our service to their friends and family.

    Nominal cost

    We provide custom designing and printing of t-shirts at very competitive and nominal prices. You can compare prices and products with any of the market giants and you will always get better prices and better quality than others from us. The product we provide you as the custom printed t-shirts, we never ever compromise on the quality and we do not do any of the cost-cutting while providing you with the lowest rates.

    Best designs

    We have the veteran designers who help you with the artwork requirements of you to get it printed on your t-shirts. Our team of best designers understands your requirements well then convert them to the artwork as per your requirements and then they always make sure to satisfy to first before printing. They will ask you for the design repair and approval before get them printing on t-shirts.

    We have the best in class designers who understand your requirements well and they are the most creative minds in their field.

    Neon prints

    We have the best creative minds as our designers with us. Electric yellow, hot pink and neon green are always welcome by our designers for eye-catchy designs and color combinations. The customers always love the creativity of our designers.


    We are open for b2b and b2c both the orders. We provide best quality products at very genuine and nominal prices and we have a good deal for b2b and wholesale orders for bulk quantity. We never cut the cost and compromise with the quality of final product. Customer satisfaction is always on top for us.

    Online T-Shirt Printing

    Online T-Shirt Printing

    Online T-Shirt Printing: Super Fast Turnaround, We Ship Anywhere

    Custom printed T-Shirts are all rage these days – after all what cooler way to advertise your business or promote your event than by wearing it! Since past few decades, they have exploded in popularity and many businesses have capitalized on this opportunity to start their own t-shirt business.

    If you are looking to start such business then we can provide t shirt printing services for your business.

    We are dedicated in providing premium, top quality apparel and super fast turnaround time for to meet your delivery date. The best part of our service is that we provide shipping service to anywhere. This means if you live any corner, you just need to order online and you can get printed t-shirts at your door-step.

    Custom design and branding option

    Yes, we provide custom design and branding options for our customers. Not only do we strive to provide the best quality of t-shirts and print them with most efficient screen printing service providers, but our creative design team is dedicated to providing high-quality vector illustration and art for screen printing.

    Our goal is to satisfy our customer with all the aspect to make them return to us for their future requirements. Along with custom designs (our favorite) we also give you access to thousands of design templates.

    Once we finalize your design, we can add to the apparel of your choice – or any promotional item, including koozies, pens, bags, tumblers, cups and more!

    We are the best service provider in our area.

    Competitive rates: we have a very nominal rate for every service we provide. We always try to provide the world-class quality product to our customers with very nominal or genuine pricing policy. We provide not only good printing service rather the products like t-shirts, sweatshirts are always very good quality which is to be custom printed for our customers. These products with custom printing also are available at very nominal prices.

    Maximum customer satisfaction: our goal is to satisfy our customer in every aspect. We not only provide great t-shirts and other products to our customers rather we make their experience great while choosing us for their printing partner. Our customers always have great experience in every aspect. Customer satisfaction is must for us.

    Better Design:  Experts in custom illustration and design. We love projects that require a custom look, but we also have a large template base for designs to be printed on t-shirts. One can choose from this large template base or get your own custom design printed on it. You can get printed any design to every design according to your need. Our designing team firstly listens to your requirements and then tries to give it graphic design conversion, if you pass the design then okay otherwise they make amendments in it and this way you get the best of your requirements and best of the imaginations of our designers.

    Design review and repair: Our creative team is always on standby!

    Custom Ink and Design Services

    Custom Ink and Design Services

    Custom Ink and Design Services

    We are a small business in Charleston SC that provides services such as custom t shirt printing and custom ink design services. This article details some of the information about the custom ink design services that our business provides.

    We provide you with the best of the results of creative minds for designing your artwork or company’s logo. Our design team loves the work of bringing your idea to life. They make sure to provide you with the best of the designs. They have already designed a large number of templates. You can choose from those templates or you can ask us for your custom design.

    Our veteran designs are always ready to help you get the most creative design. They always try to get the best imagination from your idea to convert it into the artwork. Our designers get the idea from even your rough designs or the thoughts you share with them about your custom design. They even give your chance to re-design or repair the designed once.

    Screenprinting Custom Ink

    We use the highest quality ink brands to match your project requirements. For super soft premium jobs, we only run waterbased inks – giving you that smooth lightweight feel on your fabrics. All inks are permanent to provide long lasting designs on you tshirts.

    Ship anywhere

    We take orders online and we ship custom ink design printing products to anywhere. While shipping to anywhere, we always take precautionary steps to pack the product well to be taken care while during transit. Sometimes in transit product may get harm due to rash handling but we always pack them with good material and thick packaging to protect the products from any harm.

    Nominal pricing

    We always strive to provide you with the world-class quality at very nominal rates. You can compare our prices with any of our competitor in the market at any point of item or order booking. You will always be amazed to get the best economical and very competitive prices. While serving bulk orders where we need to lower our prices for bulk quantity, we never compromise with quality or do not cut cost from any of the required aspects rather we compromise ourselves with the profits to provide you best at low rates.

    Creative Minds Unite

    Depending on the project scope, we may design in-house or we utilize our hand built network of the industries leading designers - so the best are at your fingertip.


    Best Printed Tshirts

    Best Printed Tshirts

    Best Printed Tshirts: Premium Quality and Quick Turnaround

    Online t-shirt businesses are rapidly growing in popularity and many people are looking for fast and premium quality printed t-shirts. If you’re the person looking for printed tshirts then we can help you out.

    We provide you with very high quality of t-shirts printed as per the design and taste of your own and a very quick turnaround which means in a very less time. We are the best custom t-shirt printing service provider in our area. Providing you with the best quality of products is our goal. We always try to not compromise with quality and designing of the t-shirts at any cost.

    Best Printed Tshirts Pricing

    Palmetto Blended provides you with the best rates for designing and printing t-shirts! We not only provide you with the high-quality products rather we provide you with very competitive prices and highly creative, super unique vector designs. We also will ship your orders anywhere. 

    Flexibility with designs

    We have the most creative minds of our designers and they always provide you with the freedom to choose your own design or provide us your own creation. Our designers read your requirements and convert them to the artwork and print them to the t-shirts as per your requirements. They even make changes and repair the design as and when required by you.

    Wide variety of products

    We have a wide variety of products in t-shirts too. We have hoodies, tank tops, t-shirts, round neck t-shirts, collar t-shirts, premium t-shirts, long sleeves t-shirts and soft cotton t-shirts. We not only deal in t-shirts. We have a wide variety of other products too like jute bags, tote bags, jackets, track pants, flags, signs, etc. The list goes on!

    Do we deal with Wholesale vendors?

    Yes, we do deal in b2b and b2c both models. We also provide best deals and wholesale prices for b2b vendors and we can provide the maximum of bulk quantity to fulfill their bulk demands. Our prices are very genuine and nominal as compare to the other competitors available in the market. You can always trust us for the quality of the t-shirts and other products as well as the designing and printing services. Our prices will be always better than other rivals - price match guarantee. 

    Promotional products

    We provide printing of many different promotional products. These promotional products help you in make promotion for your products in the market. Our designing and marketing team understands your requirements well to convert them in the required artwork. As our marketing team knows the customer minds and sentiments and they always try to fulfill all your marketing requirements for product promotion.

    Creative designs

    You can come to us with a rough idea of your design, with sample work or example of already designed graphics, you can bring them as a graphic file or printed paper format. Our designers will get the idea from them and convert them to the graphics and print them to the t-shirts. We provide you with the high quality of t-shirts and best creative designs in the market.