What Is the Average Cost of Embroidery Services in South Carolina?

What Is the Average Cost of Embroidery Services in South Carolina?

What Is the Average Cost of Embroidery Services in South Carolina?

Studies show that consistently presenting your brand across multiple platforms can increase revenue by up to 23%.

Embroidered apparel is a high-quality way to promote your brand, school, or church group.

In this article, you'll discover what factors into the cost of embroidery services.

Price Per Piece

The first important aspect of embroidery services pricing is the quantity. Many companies price their pieces on a tiered scale. This means, the more you buy the less you pay per unit. 

Also, you may see a standard price for a particular garment and design. These are personalization services that don't offer tons of customization. There are standard fonts to choose from as well as apparel items. Having a garment custom embroidered with your logo or design will increase the price.

Size of Garment and Complexity of Design

Most people order garments from sizes small to extra-large. Anything outside this range can cost upwards of $2 to $3 extra. This is because sizes like extra-small to 2XL or 3XL are rarer and thus cost more to supply. 

The next factor to consider is design complexity. Embroidery designs that are more simple usually garner the best results. This is because machine embroidery creates a texture that is difficult to layer. Also, the stitches are sewn in lines and loops that may not translate well for all designs.

More complex designs will require a more complex setup process. It may also require more fabric for stability depending on your garment.

Stitch Count 

Companies determine your stitch count by digitizing your design. Digitizing is where they convert your design into thread count via a software program. During this process, they determine what type of stitch to use, the color, and thread type.

An example of a stitch count pricing model is 1$ per thousand stitches. Your individual project needs will affect the price. The colors in your brand materials are an important factor for increasing brand recognition

The South Carolina company you choose should be able to talk you through the process and what to expect from your design. A good embroidery designer will help you simplify your design without diminishing it so the final product is an accurate representation of your business. 

Set-Up, Fees, and Minimums

The final consideration for custom embroidery services is the standard fees for every order. This includes the set-up and order minimums. The set up is the process required to prepare for your order. It involves programming the machine and preparing the garments and spools of thread.

Because of overhead costs, there is usually a minimum price for each production run. Palmetto Blend has a low minimum ensuring you get quality embroidery for your sports team or church group. Additional fees include things like specialty thread, mixing design elements, and using more than the standard thread colors.

How Much Should You Expect to Pay for Embroidery Services in the Myrtle Beach Area?

The number of stitches plus the number of pieces for your project is a good formula to go by.

The best way to discover how much you'll pay for embroidery services in the Charleston, S.C., area is to contact us for a consultation. The designers at Palmetto Blended have years of experience serving the local area with high-quality promotional apparel.

Reach out to us today to get a customized price with low minimums.

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