5 Things to Consider When You Hire a Graphic Designer in Hilton Head

5 Things to Consider When You Hire a Graphic Designer in Hilton Head

5 Things to Consider When You Hire a Graphic Designer in Hilton Head 

Good graphic design can make a big difference to your business image and ultimately your bottom line. However, deciding to hire a graphic designer also means finding the right one. But how?

There is a set of questions you should ask candidates before selecting them. It might be having expertise in what you're looking to do—for example, designing a logo or a website—as well as a solid portfolio to back it up. 

If you're looking to find a quality graphic designer in Hilton Head, read on!

1. An Impressive Portfolio/Reviews

If the graphic designer has a website, then be sure to check out their previous work. Pay particular attention to the type of work they do, and the companies they have completed work for (have they have experience in your industry?) 

Many times, you'll be able to find client reviews (testimonials) on the graphic designer's website or social media. If the designer doesn't offer any testimonials, it could mean they don't have any positive feedback or they're new to the industry.

2. Areas of Expertise

Graphic designers have a wide range of skills. However, you'll want to choose one that is in line with the project you've got in mind. 

For example, if you want a website design, you'll want a designer that's comfortable working in the digital realm. However, that doesn't necessarily mean they're an expert in screen printing t-shirts if that's what you want—although some can handle both with confidence. 

3. Uniqueness 

Unique design will grab attention, which is true in everything from logos to package design. So while you can play it safe with a graphic designer whose work looks similar to everyone else's, you can stand out by choosing a designer that captures your vision while contributing their own unique style. 

Unique design should be a style that's easily recognizable by people and reflects the local culture. In short, the designer will help to boost your brand but also have their own brand image

4. Rates

Inevitably, the subject of the cost will come up during your considerations. A graphic designer should be able to provide you a quote based on your project scope, and what the design will be used for. They should also know your budget and be willing to work within it. 

You should also consider whether the designer requires a deposit upfront (which is common) and if they charge per project or by the hour. The latter may mean you're paying extra if the project takes longer than expected. 

5. Usage of Design

Make sure it's clear in the contract who owns the design. The artwork is the property of a designer by default, so if you want ownership of the design, then you should negotiate that up front. 

The design may also be limited in its use depending on the terms. For example, you can use it only digitally and not for print. 

Hire a Graphic Designer

Not all graphic designers can provide what you're looking for, so make sure you hire a graphic designer that has a positive reputation and look at samples of their work. Also make sure they can work with your budget. 

Choosing the right designer can help bring your business to the next level! To learn more, contact us today.

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