Benefits of Using Screen Printing Services in Charleston, SC

Benefits of Using Screen Printing Services in Charleston, SC

Benefits of Using Screen Printing Services in Charleston, SC

An art form dating back to the third century, screen printing is alive and well today and more prolific than ever before. Just as our ancient ancestors before us, we are still using the screen printing technique to reproduce images in order to convey a message.

Over the years, the screen printing technique has evolved and today we are able to quickly create a design to print onto clothing. Wearable works of art!

But why choose screen printing and what benefits does it have? If you are looking for screen printing services, read on to learn some of the many benefits of this ancient art-form. 

Experience Bold, Vibrant Colors

One of the most important benefits of screen printing t-shirts is the bright and vibrant colors this technique produces. Screen printing uses thicker ink that will not be absorbed into the fabric to have the ink color diluted as you find with direct garment printing.

The ink gives the shirt a soft feel that is unique to the process. And while using fewer colors, it is sure to produce a bold image that arrests the attention of anyone who lays eyes upon it. The best part is that screen printing can be done on any color of fabric!

Long-Lasting Soft Fabric

The screen printing process maintains the soft feel of the fabric and does not produce stiff or rigid images. A stiff graphic is produced by a different printing process called a heat transfer process. Not only are heat transfer printed shirts stiff, but the image also won't last as long, giving way to cracks and fading over time. 

The ink used in screen printing will bend and move with the fabric, which prevents cracking. The colors will stay true through many washings, which allows for years of comfort and repeated wearings. 

Cooler in Hot Climates

Here in South Carolina, we are no strangers to scorching summers and warmer temperatures throughout the year. The screen printing process will leave your shirt breathable, which is of absolute importance during the heat of the summer! 

Other methods of printing such as heat-transfer, will adhere a thick plastic graphic to your shirt, preventing any breathability and inducing sweat. Remember: heat-transfer printing will transfer the heat to you!

Staying cool is one of the greatest benefits screen printing has to offer, especially around Charleston, SC.

Professional Appearance

We are dedicated to creating a quality garment. The end result of our screen printing process creates a crisp, bold, professional image that is appropriate for casual wear or to wear at work. Create a custom branded shirt for your company, sports team, customers, or for use as a promotional handout. You will surely make a good impression and we are happy to help!

High-Quality Screen Printing Services 

If you are in need of high-quality screen printing services in the Charleston area, look no further. We can help design a custom image to use on t-shirts, hoodies, and lots lots more! Get in touch today for a quote on your custom order.

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