14 Signs You Grew up in a Southern Town

14 Signs You Grew up in a Southern Town

There are some things that only a southern small towner can relate to, since the south has a unique experience, accent, flavor or variation of almost anything! If you have lived your life in a small town of the southern region, here are a few things that work as signs that you are undeniably, unashamedly, a southerner in its truest form.

  1. When you spot someone wearing cool southern tees, you don’t have to ask them where they bought them from. You already know they must’ve originated from rare southern boutiques in town.
  2. The only traffic jams that you ever had to sit through happen near the Christmas parade season in the month of December, but you don’t have to usually worry about a parade you are probably a part of too.
  3. “Has no one ever heard of cowgirl/boy clothing?” That’s your mating call when you go shopping in fancy malls in the next biggest city or town. Choosing stores that offer a bit extra to your style is what is called a signature southerner move, since you can’t keep wearing the same kind of clothes, all ‘life’ long.
  4. You spend hours looking for the ‘perfect jeans’ that you can ruin within a week on the farm.
  5. You still remember every last person’s name who graduated with you, along with their parents’, siblings, pets, and even uncles and aunts sometimes!
  6. From August to October, you plan every Friday differently since all the places are shut down for the high school football tournaments.
  7. During the spiciest of gossip sessions in high school, “That‘s my cousin” was one of the top 20 most repeated expressions in your group.
  8. When you accidentally or intentionally miss church, everyone will know exactly why before the service is even over.
  9. Your teacher will always call you by ether your parent’s name, or your sibling’s, never yours.
  10. Your mama keeps the key of the house in a “secret” spot that the entire neighborhood already knows about.
  11. As you age, shopping for Christmas was happily transformed into an online experience, ‘cuz ain’t nobody got time for real shopping no more. Any small southern town never had the clothes that internet franchises did. Great Southern clothing brands are very hard to find in small towns.
  12. Driving a tractor to your school is NOT weird; it’s something you did every Wednesday!
  13. You mastered the art of saying “Hey y’allll!” when you were 5.
  14. You keeps saying how much you hate your small town and how many things just can’t be done if you stay put, but as you step through the doorway of your childhood dwelling, you realize there is no other place in this world that you’d rather call ‘home’.
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