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    A Complete History of Screen Printing

    A Complete History of Screen Printing

    From graphic tees to posters and fine art pieces, the art of screen printing is everywhere you look. As of 2014 it was the second most profitable form of apparel decorating in the US, surpassed only by embroidery.

    But screen printing wasn't always used for novelty t-shirts. In fact, it originated over 1,000 years ago on the other side of the globe.

    To learn all about the fascinating history of screen printing, read on.

    Early History of Screen Printing

    There's no doubt that screen printing is an ancient art. Some claim that its earliest form can be traced back to stenciled designs on the walls of prehistoric caves.

    The exact origins of the first true screen prints are unknown. Most historians agree that they came from China during the Song Dynasty (960AD), a period of great artistic advancement. Their technique used a finely woven mesh and block stencils to transfer intricate designs onto fabric.

    Screen printing soon spread to neighboring Asian countries. In Japan, artists wove the mesh out of human hairs and used stiff-bristled brushes to apply paint. Silk mesh later became the fabric of choice, and the technique was dubbed "silkscreen printing."

    Screen Printing Comes to Europe

    The silkscreen printing process didn't arrive in Western Europe until the 18th century. European merchants brought the method and materials back with them after trading along the Silk Road.

    In France, artists began to use silkscreens stretched over a frame to print their designs onto fabric. The process continued to gain popularity during the industrial revolution. Factories used screen printing to mass-produce wallpapers and fabrics.

    The first "modern" screen printing system was patented in 1907 by an Englishman named Samuel Simon. His method used a stencil drawn onto bolting cloth that was then stretched across a wooden frame. While his method became the standard across Europe, the products were still only available to the wealthy.

    In the 1910s a group of three men developed a way to use light-reactive chemicals to improve the screen printing process. The introduction of photo-imaged stencils revolutionized the industry. While we now use much safer chemicals, similar techniques are still in use today.

    The 1960s Screen Printing Boom

    In the heated political climate of the 1960s, mass-produced media was an important factor in the spread of ideas. Screen printing provided a way to print bold, memorable graphics on posters, protest signs, and clothing.

    Though screen printing had seen a lot of improvement over the years, it was still a painstaking process. It wasn't until Michael Vasilantone invented the rotary multicolored screen printing press that silkscreening really took off in the garment industry. His design was originally made to print on bowling shirts but was quickly adopted by t-shirt manufacturers as well.

    Screen printing became a staple in the Pop Art movement of the '60s. Famed artists like Andy Warhol used the method to create colorful repeated images. Some of his most popular works include the Marilyn Monroe and Campbell's Soup prints.

    Screen Printing in the Modern World

    The history of screen printing isn't over yet—it's now one of the most popular methods of garment printing. Today's artists create unique wearable art by combining digital design with historical techniques.

    If you're looking for high-quality custom screen printing, Palmetto Blended has you covered. Our t-shirts, hats, and hoodies are a perfect way for your small business or promotional event to stand out. Contact us today for a personalized quote.

    Astounding Apparel: The Hottest South Carolina Streetwear Trends for Spring

    Astounding Apparel: The Hottest South Carolina Streetwear Trends for Spring

    When the temperatures creep up on the dial and the days get a little longer, it's tempting to put those snow boots in storage and break out the tanks.

    If you live in South Carolina, you're no stranger to bright, colorful downtowns and laidback, beachy vibes.

    Perhaps this is why SC streetwear trends are so addictive!

    From funky patterns to neon designs, these pieces are the perfect way to usher in the warmer season.

    Today, we're taking a look at some of the hottest looks to grace the Palmetto State over the next few months.

    Ready to learn more? Let's dive in!

    1. Coral Everywhere

    There's a reason why Pantone named Living Coral as its Color of the Year for 2019. 

    This shade is fresh, sweet and reminiscent of the kind of gorgeous sunsets beachgoers can enjoy along the Grand Strand. 

    This spring, look for coral everywhere, even in the most unexpected places. From sandal embellishments to straw sun hats, it's a universal shade that's flattering on everyone. 

    2. Neon Hoodies

    Streetwear is defined by bright hues. The spring is a great time to wear those hoodies one last time before you store them away until next year. Look for neon ones to add a punch to your wardrobe. 

    To amplify your spring street style, pair yours with some structured ankle boots, perfect for walking around downtown Charleston. These also look especially cool with matching beanies!

    3. Sleek White Sneakers

    Walking around on cobblestone streets all day can be taxing on your tootsies.

    Instead of rocking a great pair of heels or boots during the day, reserve those for the night and grab some fashion-forward sneakers instead!

    Spring style is all about comfort fusing with class, so look for a great-quality pair with understated details, such as colorful stitching, to put some pep in your step.

    Remember, "Dad Shoes" are still on-trend, though these don't have to look near as slouchy. Look for a low-top sneaker with matching laces and you're ready to go. 

    4. Statement Tees

    Wear your heart on your sleeve this spring by pulling on a screen-printed tee that declares your love for SC.

    From pineapple emblems to word-art designs in the shape of the state, don't be afraid to get creative here and go bold! Pair these with some distressed denim and sneakers for an easy daytime look. 

    5. Leather Jackets

    Ladies, you can borrow your boyfriend's in a pinch. In fact, this is one of those men's streetwear looks that pulls double duty. 

    Look for a leather jacket that has a bit of structure to it, specifically in the shoulders. Other details may include studs, jewels, and special embroidery.

    For a laidback look, slip your arms underneath and let it balance on your shoulders as you walk.

    Rock These Streetwear Trends Today

    Maybe you're one of the lucky ones who gets to call SC home. Or, perhaps you're planning a trip to visit soon and want to know how to pack.

    Regardless, you've come to the right place.

    Now that you've seen a few of the local streetwear trends, are you ready to try them on for size? Complete the look with a great beanie today!

    Why Custom Shirts Should be a Part of Your Marketing Strategy

    Why Custom Shirts Should be a Part of Your Marketing Strategy

    You want to harness the power of promotional products for your brand. 

    You know that custom shirts are a popular promo item, but you'd like to learn more about what makes them so successful.

    But, are they really an essential part of your marketing strategy? Absolutely. 

    Read on to learn more about why. From helping you to slash your advertising budget to making sure people know your logo when they see it, you'll be amazed by what custom printed t-shirts can accomplish.

    1. They're Cost-Effective

    We know that you're always looking for ways to get more bang for your marketing buck. 

    However, even running an ad on a local television station can cost you anywhere from $200 to $1500. And while search engine marketing is certainly essential? 

    It can be tough to reach a broader audience when you're using targeted keywords. 

    Promotional t-shirts don't just help to keep your brand's name in the minds of your customers after they've finished shopping or doing other business with your company. 

    Whenever your customers wear one of the custom shirts out, they're effectively offering free advertising for your company. Every person they pass by on the street that day will see your company's name and logo. 

    Now that's what we call a smart investment. 

    2. They Increase Brand Recognition

    Maybe you want to have logo t-shirts created for the members of your team to wear to a conference or a trade show. 

    Perhaps you're heading out on a company bar crawl, hosting an event in your community, or just want your team to give uniform dressing a shot. In addition to increasing your brand recognition in person? 

    They also help to create uniformity in photos you upload to social media. 

    You can create a variety of shirts to celebrate upcoming sales, specific events, giveaways, new product launches, or even just shirts in your company colors. 

    Any way you wear them? 

    They'll help more people recognize your branding, logo, and even your signature font when they see it anywhere -- on and off the Internet. 

    3. They Make Awesome Promotional Items

    Want to ensure that everyone comes to visit your table at a corporate event? 

    Looking for ways to reward your customers for their business? 

    Need promotional items to give away to your followers on social media in a contest? 

    Custom logo shirts make the perfect gift. Plus, they're much more out-of-the-box than more traditional promotional items. You want to be certain you can show clients that you do things differently than your competition.

    Ready to Make Custom Shirts a Part of Your Branding Strategy?

    We hope that this post has helped you to better understand just a few of the many reasons why custom shirts should take center stage in your marketing strategy. 

    Not only are they cost-effective, but they're also a great way to increase your brand recognition. They also can be worn to create a sense of camaraderie among team members. Plus, they make great gifts!

    Ready to place your order for promotional t-shirts? Contact us today. 

    T-Shirt Printing Cost: How Much Will You Have to Spend on Custom Shirts?

    T-Shirt Printing Cost: How Much Will You Have to Spend on Custom Shirts?

    A custom T-Shirt is a great way to promote your business or organization – or you can sell them to make some extra cash. But how much do custom T-shirts cost?

    Here, we'll provide more information about T-shirt printing cost so you'll know what to expect for your first order.

    T-Shirt Printing Cost Depends on Order Quantity

    When calculating your T-shirt printing cost, factoring in quantity is key. If you're purchasing a small number, you can expect to pay retail prices – think $20-$30 per shirt. 

    Now, this price point may be just fine if you're looking to make a T-shirt for yourself. But if you're planning on distributing them or selling them, it's highly inefficient. If you're buying 50 or more, you'll pay between $5-10 per shirt – and if you order in bulk (100+), it's closer to $5 each.

    So it's best to maximize your purchase - but you also need to be careful. If you buy way too many, you can come in at a loss. This is especially important if you're selling them or if you plan on having your organization member pay for their shirts.

    Extra Features Cost Extra Money

    The cheapest T-shirts are going to be white shirts. Unfortunately, that might not make your T-shirt stand out very much. If you're using these shirts for advertising, that's definitely not a good thing. 

    So consider paying more to print on colored shirts. The price difference ranges from $5 in low quantities to $1 in higher quantities. Not all businesses charge more for colored shirts, so be sure to check in with them before ordering.

    Companies will also typically charge to print with several ink colors – using two or more colors can increase your T-shirt cost by $2-3. So be sure to keep things simple yet visually appealing.

    If you want a design printed on the front and the back, this will also raise your custom T-shirt cost by about $5 per shirt. Of course, the benefit is that your design will be seen no matter what direction the person is facing, but the drawback is, again, the price.

    Some companies will also let you add custom embroidery to your T-shirt for an extra fee. 

    Don't Forget Shipping!

    Most online T-shirt design companies offer free shipping. But the catch is that they'll usually incorporate that shipping price into the cost of the shirt.

    While it may seem tempting to always choose the free shipping option, it can be better to pay for shipping if the cost of each T-shirt is cheaper. Be sure to calculate all your options before making any decisions.

    Contact Us for Your Custom T-Shirt Today

    Whether you're in the Charleston area or looking for online T-shirt printing, look no further! Here at Palmetto Blended, we strive to be the pride of the Palmetto state with competitive rates, better design, and quick turnaround.

    Interested in learning more? Fill out our contact form and we'll have someone contact you with your T-shirt printing cost as soon as possible!

    Charleston Screen Printing

    Charleston Screen Printing

    Charleston Screen Printing and Creative Services

    Screen printing is top of the trends in today’s industry. It is one of the most used methods for printing. We are a well-renowned name in screen printing services. We provide high-quality printing with best in class creative designs. We are here to fulfill all type of your printing requirements. Our design team has best of the designers available in Charleston to properly understand your design needs and convert it to the design printed.

    Our designers are the most creative minds while designing the printing patches. And we are excelling to provide you high-quality designs and printing services. We provide custom design printing too as per your needs. This means if you already have your own design or company’s logo or company’s name patch, we shall print it too as per your requirements. There is no project too large or small!

    What is so special about Charleston screen printing?

    We have promised ourselves to provide with the best in class screen printing and creative design services to the society. Screen printing in Charleston has very tough competition but after all the constraints, we try to give you the best in class. Our products are high in quality and genuine in the price range.

    We provide affordable services in Charleston area. We prepare ourselves to make our customers satisfying, we ourselves not only say this rather our customer base provide us such testimonials. There is an old saying that “Satisfied customer is the returning customer”. We work on this tagline and want our new customers to be the returning ones.

    What products can be screen printed?

    Charleston screen printing prints a large variety of products. Basically, anything that has a flat service in which the inks can bind to, can be used for screen printing. Despite that most think screen printing is only limited to printing custom t-shirts, the same techniques can be used to print on basic t-shirts, long-sleeve t-shirts, tank tops, hoodies, jackets, sweatshirts, athletic pants, sports jerseys, aprons, clothes, baby clothes, hats, tote bags, lunch bags, backpacks, mouse pads, vinyl binders, flags, signs, banners, posters, etc.

    You can select any type of product and any design from our templates or you can provide us your custom design. Our best in the class designing team is promising enough to fulfill all your designing and printing requirements.

    No project is too large or small. Buy in bulk for even better saving!

    Yes, there is good news for the vendors of t-shirts and others products those who want to custom design their product and sell in the market. We have the facility to serve bulk orders and we provide best deals too for bulk ordering. You can ask for minimum order quantity at lowest rates and compare our prices in the market. You will always get best quality products, on-time delivery and at very nominal prices.

    At the last, we can say that you will always be happy with our services and we will always be glad to serve you. We want you to be our long time, returning customer. We promise to provide you best quality products.