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    Top 9 T-Shirt Design Trends of 2019

    Top 9 T-Shirt Design Trends of 2019

    Create a stylish design that will grab the attention of your peers! Here are the top t shirt trends of 2019.


    Did you know that the fashion industry is worth over $2.4 trillion?

    If you want to look your best, it's important to stay up to date on trending shirt designs.

    Want access to an easy fashion guide? Keep reading for the top 9 t-shirt trends of 2019.

    1. Trending Shirt Designs: Going Green

    With the well-being of the environment and wildlife at the forefront of many people's minds, nature shirts have boomed in popularity. Hot designs could include florals, animals, planets, or any other natural beauty. Not only will your outdoorsy shirt look cool, but it can even inspire others to get more connected with the earth.

    2. Abstract

    Do you find Picasso charming? If so, now is the time to turn your wardrobe into art. T-shirts with surprising shapes, textures, and colors are all the rage right now.

    3. Popular Shirt Design: Collage

    For the ultimate #tbt, many popular T-shirts are going old school with elementary collage designs. This means you could sport your favorite musicians, foods, art, or more all at once. For an even craftier look, you could create your own collage online and print it on a plain shirt.

    4. Minimalist Tshirt Trends: Pocket Art

    Minimalism has taken over society thanks to Marie Kondo's popular Netflix special. One thing that sparks joy for many people is dainty pocket art. If you enjoy wearing simple t-shirts, you can add a little flair with some small artwork.

    5. International Flair

    If you consider yourself a global citizen, why not connect with other cultures by wearing unique, ethnic designs? Tribal prints, mandalas, foreign landscapes, and other cultural objects are big in fashion now. Your shirt is sure to stir some wanderlust in everyone who sees it.

    6. Basic Text

    Text shirts are a fun way to spread a message you love. The good news is that text art is hot in fashion now. You could spread joy with an uplifting quote, make people smile with a simple joke, or represent your favorite city.

    7. Fun T-Shirt Trends: Bright Colors

    If you want to stand out, you could catch everyone's eyes with a beautiful blend of colors. Tie-dye, stripes, and shapes are a few examples of different ways you can incorporate more color into your wardrobe. Even buying bright monochromatic outfits can add a lot of appeal to your look.

    8. Metallic and Gold

    One of the most glamorous and futuristic t-shirt trends is using silvers, golds, and other glitzy colors. Since these colors pair well with tons of other colors, aesthetics, and designs, you'll have no issue following this fashion tip.

    9. Comics

    Who can resist the charm of a cute or funny cartoon character? If you like clothing with a lot of personality, you won't want to miss out on t-shirts that include some interesting comics.

    Want to Browse Some of the Best T-Shirt Designs?

    Now that you know 9 of the most popular t-shirt trends, you're ready to take on the world as your best-dressed self.

    Want to start shopping? Check out our collection to find your new favorite shirts.

    The Legend of the Pineapple: Charleston's Symbol of Hospitality

    The Legend of the Pineapple: Charleston's Symbol of Hospitality

    Understanding the Charleston Pineapple

    Splashed across homes, gates, clothing and used as a housewarming gift, the Charleston pineapple is a huge hit in the historic Southern city.

    Have you always wondered how the pineapple became a symbol of hospitality in the United States?

    This tropical fruit has humble beginnings that go hand and hand with the birth of the nation itself.

    Whether you are traveling through and take note of the iconic Charleston Pineapple, or you are just interested in learning a bit of its history, the story of the pineapple goes back hundreds of years. 

    Read on to learn exactly how the pineapple transcended the world of food completely and came to symbolize good old Southern hospitality itself in the town of Charleston, South Carolina.

    The History of the Pineapple in Charleston

    The story of the Charleston pineapple goes back to the time of Christopher Columbus. It is said on his second expedition to what would become the New World, he learned of the pineapple.

    Then, Columbus brought samples of the fruit back to Europe. It was an instant hit, as most fruits were fairly uncommon, as most things sugary and sweet were during this time.

    The story of the pineapple leads back to Charleston in its early colonial days when it was a prominent port city. Because the fruit represented the exotic lands captains sailed to, it became a symbol in and of itself of places far away.

    As part of this, sailors coming home from long voyages would spear a pineapple to symbolize they had arrived safely. It was also an open invitation for neighbors to come and enjoy a meal or drink to exchange stories.

    A Luxury Fruit

    The pineapple continued to be a huge sensation in North and South America, and the colonies simply couldn't get enough of it.

    It wasn't an easy fruit to get your hands on. It took years to grow, and it only grew in tropical regions. As well, the pineapple was a struggle to transport and frequently went bad before it arrived at its destination.

    All this considered, whenever a hostess offered pineapple as a treat for their guests, it symbolized their status as an affluent member of society. It also symbolized their level of hospitality and care for their guests.

    The Hidden Pineapples of the City

    There is pineapple's spread across the entire city of Charleston, from the center of town to the home's of residents. 

    The Iconic foundation in Waterfront Park is one of the most familiar sights in Charleston, but there are many others to be on the lookout for if you are visiting.

    Charleston Pineapple: A Symbol of Hospitality 

    All and all, the Charleston pineapple may be from a different time, but it is woven into the very identity of the city.

    It is a visual representation of Southern hospitality, luxury, and the New World. While exotic, it has a deep meaning close to home.

    So, as you stroll down the breezy streets of South Carolina, remember a time when pineapples were difficult enough to come by, they captivated an entire country.

    Ready to take your travels to the next level? Check out our recent article on the most haunted places to visit in the South.

    How to Come Up with Catchy T-Shirt Slogans

    How to Come Up with Catchy T-Shirt Slogans

    A guide to creating funny, catchy t-shirt slogans so you and your company will stand out from the crowd!

    You already believe in what you're selling. But even the best product in the world won't get traction if people don't know your brand. The best branding requires exposure.

    Company T-shirts are one way to achieve exposure. They're not the only way, but they're an important component.

    But before you start printing T-shirts, you need to do some research into T-shirt slogans. While a well-thought-out slogan one will make people curious about your business, a bad one will turn people off.

    Keep reading for a few tips on finding T-shirt slogan ideas that will help your business establish its brand the right way.

    1. Keep It Short

    No one wants to spend a lot of time reading a T-shirt that looks more like a newspaper page. Newspapers are on the decline for many reasons. But it doesn't help that people want to get their information in snippets that are short and snappy. 

    Think of T-shirt slogans as book titles. The longer the book title, the harder it is to get someone's attention. That's why some editors think book titles should be no more than six words.

    On a T-shirt, you've got a little more leeway. But shirt slogans still shouldn't be more than eight or 10 words. You might be able to squeeze in a dozen words, but that's pushing it. 

    Remember that you'll also want room for a good-sized company logo

    2. Remember Your Audience

    Some types of businesses can get away with edgy humor. For instance, if you own a bar, you can make a joke about people getting drunk. 

    But be careful with funny shirt slogans. You don't want to get so close to the edge that you fall off the side. Something isn't clever if all it does is shock people.

    If you're having trouble deciding if something is appropriate, think of the audience you want noticing your T-shirts. If you want families to notice your shirts, then that means you need to keep it kid-friendly. 

    Don't create R-rated T-shirts with curse words or lewd images. PG-13 is as far as you should go. Even then, that only works sometimes. 

    3. Avoid Getting Overly Aggressive 

    Let's say you run a bakery. Avoid using shirt slogans like "The best darn bakery in town." That's not, well, fresh. 

    You can say something about your company without declaring yourself the best. If a local newspaper or consumer poll votes you the best, then say that. But don't call yourself number one without something to back it up.

    Customers can get turned off by slogans that feel too aggressive or dishonest. We know that marketing isn't the same as a scientific study. But we still don't want to feel like someone is giving us the hard sell.

    Think of your shirt like a TV commercial. We've all seen and heard ads that are so loud they startle us. Don't be like that.

    Finding T-Shirt Slogans

    T-shirt slogans should be simple and cool. If you feel like your shirt slogans are going overboard, that's probably because they are.

    We can help you find a more authentic voice for your brand. Contact us today to find out how!

    Perfect Promotional Marketing: 5 Promotional Products to Help Your Brand Stand Out

    Perfect Promotional Marketing: 5 Promotional Products to Help Your Brand Stand Out

    Are you looking for an innovative and fun way to boost your brand awareness? You should try promotional giveaways. With the huge variety of promotional products available out there, choosing the appropriate products for your promotional marketing can be overwhelming.

    Should you settle for a logo printed mug, pen, or bag? While all these items can be used as promotional products, choose products which are unique.

    Check out these 5 promotional products to help your brand stand out. 

    1. Custom Phone Accessories

    This promotional product should be top on your list. A recent study revealed that Americans check out their phones at least 80 times while on vacation. This is an average of 5 times an hour or once at least every 10 minutes.

    This stat proves that a custom phone accessory is a big promotional product that will help your brand stand out.

    Popular phone accessories may include phone wallets, phone cases, and ring holders.

    Custom phone accessories will show off the name and logo of your business. It also gives your customers a useful product.

    Your employees, potential customers, and clients will be happy to receive such useful items from your business.

    2. Combo Tech Products

    This is a fantastic way to combine two or three totally useful products into one handy.

    An example of a combo tech product is a backpack that is fitted a portable Bluetooth speaker, a portable computer charger (as well as USB cord and Port), and a side pocket for water bottle. All three in one.

    You can find a Bluetooth speaker that can also be used as a portable flashlight. A second combination is that of flare power bank plus an LED flashlight.

    Your company logo should be printed on all these products.

    3. Wellness Products

    This is another category where you can find plenty of promotional products. These products can include everything from branded water bottles to fitness trackers to vouchers for spa days.

    These promotional products are ideal for both your own employees through to potential customers.

    These products are particularly popular as part of internal motivation and recognition schemes. These products not only make your workforce happy but are also a perfect PR tool for your company.

    4. Recycled Coffee Cups

    This is a new category of promotional products that is quickly gaining popularity. With coffee providers and retail stores now encouraging the use of recyclable coffee cups, your brand can enjoy a positive association by investing in reusable coffee mugs.

    Of course, your logo should be printed on the side of the mugs. The mugs don’t even need to be expensive to thrill potential customers.

    Even better would be to give the mugs away with delicious coffee already in it. This is a good idea especially when you’re hosting CSR events.

    5. Custom T-Shirts

    Custom t-shirts remain a highly effective promotional product for your brand. Customers love t-shirts since they add functional value to their wardrobe. Find the right t-shirt design, and your customers will wear it over and over again.

    Your customers will be marketing your brand every time they wear your t-shirts.

    Promotional Marketing Turns Customers into Brand Ambassadors

    When executed correctly, promotional marketing gets your product to the face of the right market. They will buy your products while serving as your brand ambassadors. Avoid spending your money on flimsy products that get easily thrown away.

    We’ve worked with different brands and witnessed the incredible impact that promotional marketing has had on their sales.

    Contact us today if you have any questions about screen printing for promotional products.