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    Top 9 T-Shirt Design Trends of 2019

    Top 9 T-Shirt Design Trends of 2019

    Create a stylish design that will grab the attention of your peers! Here are the top t shirt trends of 2019.


    Did you know that the fashion industry is worth over $2.4 trillion?

    If you want to look your best, it's important to stay up to date on trending shirt designs.

    Want access to an easy fashion guide? Keep reading for the top 9 t-shirt trends of 2019.

    1. Trending Shirt Designs: Going Green

    With the well-being of the environment and wildlife at the forefront of many people's minds, nature shirts have boomed in popularity. Hot designs could include florals, animals, planets, or any other natural beauty. Not only will your outdoorsy shirt look cool, but it can even inspire others to get more connected with the earth.

    2. Abstract

    Do you find Picasso charming? If so, now is the time to turn your wardrobe into art. T-shirts with surprising shapes, textures, and colors are all the rage right now.

    3. Popular Shirt Design: Collage

    For the ultimate #tbt, many popular T-shirts are going old school with elementary collage designs. This means you could sport your favorite musicians, foods, art, or more all at once. For an even craftier look, you could create your own collage online and print it on a plain shirt.

    4. Minimalist Tshirt Trends: Pocket Art

    Minimalism has taken over society thanks to Marie Kondo's popular Netflix special. One thing that sparks joy for many people is dainty pocket art. If you enjoy wearing simple t-shirts, you can add a little flair with some small artwork.

    5. International Flair

    If you consider yourself a global citizen, why not connect with other cultures by wearing unique, ethnic designs? Tribal prints, mandalas, foreign landscapes, and other cultural objects are big in fashion now. Your shirt is sure to stir some wanderlust in everyone who sees it.

    6. Basic Text

    Text shirts are a fun way to spread a message you love. The good news is that text art is hot in fashion now. You could spread joy with an uplifting quote, make people smile with a simple joke, or represent your favorite city.

    7. Fun T-Shirt Trends: Bright Colors

    If you want to stand out, you could catch everyone's eyes with a beautiful blend of colors. Tie-dye, stripes, and shapes are a few examples of different ways you can incorporate more color into your wardrobe. Even buying bright monochromatic outfits can add a lot of appeal to your look.

    8. Metallic and Gold

    One of the most glamorous and futuristic t-shirt trends is using silvers, golds, and other glitzy colors. Since these colors pair well with tons of other colors, aesthetics, and designs, you'll have no issue following this fashion tip.

    9. Comics

    Who can resist the charm of a cute or funny cartoon character? If you like clothing with a lot of personality, you won't want to miss out on t-shirts that include some interesting comics.

    Want to Browse Some of the Best T-Shirt Designs?

    Now that you know 9 of the most popular t-shirt trends, you're ready to take on the world as your best-dressed self.

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