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    Exploring the Charleston City Market

    Exploring the Charleston City Market

    The Charleston City Market has been an important part of the city’s culture since 1804. Today, shoppers can explore Charleston City Market’s newest vendors, including Palmetto Blended, during the day or night.

    Charleston City Market

    I love the Charleston City Market because it has such a diverse collection of vendors. Some of my favorite vendors located in the Great Hall include:

    • Callie’s Hot Little Biscuit
    • Gita’s Gourmet
    • Old World Glass Studio
    • The Charleston Show Company

    The market’s indoor area has always been essential. After major renovations in 2011, though, the Great Hall became an amazing place to shop and browse throughout the year. Not even a cold winter day can keep me away from the market.

    The open-air sheds are also fun to visit. I didn’t pay them much attention until I learned that these open-air structures have stood for more than two centuries. They survived fires, earthquakes and cannonball bombardments during the Civil War.

    The market is open daily from 9:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. Other than Christmas day, when the market closes, I can go shopping whenever I want.

    Charleston City Night Market’s

    The Charleston City Night Market has added a lot of flare to the market spaces by inviting more than 100 artists and craftspeople to display their wares from 6:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays from the beginning of April until the end of December.

    The free event always features entertainers. It’s a terrific way to spend a weekend evening. Plus, all of the products sold at the Night Market come from local vendors.

    Palmetto Blended Now Sells Relaxation Stations

    A lot of people love wearing Palmetto Blended’s shirts and hats. We make high-quality garments with irreverent statements printed on them, so I'm not surprised that shoppers enjoy them.

    Recently, Palmetto Blended started selling bathtub relaxation stations at the Charleston City Market. Palmetto Blended designs these hand-painted boards to sit sturdily across bathtubs. Each one has a little notch where you can place your cell phone to stream shows or music. The boards even have spots for holding wine and candles.

    If you have an irregular bathtub, Palmetto Blended can  make a custom relaxation station that fits perfectly.

    Relaxation stations come in a variety of colors, including espresso, pink and blue. They cost between $75 and $85.

    As a big fan of the Charleston City Market, I encourage everyone in the area to experience the day and night markets. Stop by Palmetto Blended to see the relaxation stations. Then, spend the rest of your time casually browsing items sold by the market’s vendors.

    Charleston City Night Market Video

    The South's Best City: Charleston, S.C. | Southern Living

    The South's Best City: Charleston, S.C. | Southern Living

    Charleston gains even more bragging rights as it is named the 'South's Best City of 2017' by Southern Living Magazine.

    Last Fall, Southern Living magazine invited readers from around the nation to vote on their favorite Southern spots. There were 13 various categories readers could vote for in the South's Best poll — from BBQ joints to drinking holes and everything in between. Editors poured through over 20,000 submissions and totalled for each category - Charleston also took home various awards for local hot spots, including:

    • Hominy Grill, sixth best restaurant in the South
    • Fig, 10th best restaurant in the South
    • Coast Brewing Co., 10th best brewery in the South
    • The Inn at Middleton Place, eighth best inn in the South
    • Wentworth Mansion, tenth best inn in the South
    • Kiawah, sixth best island in the South
    • The Sanctuary on Kiawah, fifth best resort in the South
    • Charleston Gardenworks, sixth best shop in the South
    • The Commons, eighth best shop in the South

    Congratulations Charleston!

    100 LB Tarpon Reeled in on Folly Beach, South Carolina

    100 LB Tarpon Reeled in on Folly Beach, South Carolina

    Have you seen this?! 100 LB Tarpon is caught on Folly Beach, South Carolina.

    Video Credit: Dustin Mohr

    The Atlantic tarpon inhabits coastal waters, estuaries, lagoons, and rivers. Tarpons feed almost exclusively on schooling fish and occasionally crabs. A tarpon is capable of filling its swim bladder with air, like a primitive lung. This gives the tarpon a predatory advantage when oxygen levels in the water are low. Tarpons have been recorded at up to 2.5 m (8 ft 2 in) in length and weighing up to 161 kg (355 lb). The Atlantic tarpon is also known as the silver king.

    In appearance, tarpons are greenish or bluish on top and silver on the sides. The large mouth is turned upwards and the lower jaw contains an elongated, bony plate. The last ray of the dorsal fin is much longer than the others, reaching nearly to the tail.

    Tarpons are considered one of the great saltwater game fishes, not only because of their size and their accessible haunts, but also because of their fighting spirit when hooked; they are very strong, making spectacular leaps into the air. The flesh is undesirable and bony. In Florida and Alabama, a special permit is required to kill and keep a tarpon, so most tarpon fishing there is catch and release.