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    We're Built Different

    Tired of the typical fluff you find in every other t-shirt and apparel shop throughout the South? Looking to promote your own brand with a locally-owned partner who will understand your unique needs? Then Palmetto Blended was built just for you. By offering quality, handcrafted B2B screen printing and our own revolutionary line of apparel, Palmetto Blended is changing the landscape of this industry from the ground up!

    We're Family

    Behind the brand, we are a husband-and-wife team located right here in the heart of Charleston. Our love for this community and passion for creating completely one-of-a-kind pieces is what led us to building Palmetto Blended back in 2018. We saw a need and knew we could fill it.

    What we love most about our work is being able to offer people something new. There are plenty of the same, old screen-printing services out there making designs you’ve seen a million times on lack-luster goods. You need better options; something with grit that really catches the eye. Our approach to this business is a lot like our personal lifestyle – rooted in low country living, with total originality.

    We Love our Community and We're Here to Serve

    Celebrating life in such a unique place takes an extra special touch. We understand the needs of the people and businesses who we call neighbors and friends. Giving them our very best is always the top priority with everything we do here at Palmetto Blended. From screen-printing services for B2B, to helping you throughout the design process to make your own brand stand out and thrive, we are fully invested in helping you receive the most premium products possible.

    Over 25 Years of Experience in Design & Marketing

    With our background being in the worlds of marketing, quality design, and sales, we really do know the ins and outs of running a professional business. Don’t let our laidback energy fool you. The valuable skills we’ve gained throughout our careers have given us an amazing foundation for building up Palmetto Blended, without losing our knack for stepping outside the box. We’ve worked from all sides and want to share our creative insights with others through our stellar design work and game-changing product options.

    We Have Fun and Love What We Do

    When we’re not busy putting out amazing products and services, we spend our time fully immersed in everything the South has to offer. We work hard, but we don’t take this incredible life for granted. You can find us out slinging mud in the woods, or basking by the coast enjoying that beautiful breeze brushing through the Palmetto leaves. Our love of the South shines through everything we do; whether that’s having fun or working hard. Faith, family and friends are what we’re living for here.

    Let's Work Together

    If you’re looking for a partner to help you create your own line of premium products, or want to rock a souvenir with edge from the Palmetto Blended line, we’re ready to help. Serving this community and being able to use our talents in this way has been life-changing. We are forever grateful for the support and love shown to a couple of southern dreamers, and can’t wait to keep pushing the limits to make sure more people are Palmetto Blended.